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Happy Families
Happy Families
Happy Families
Happy Families
Happy Families
Happy Families

Play along with your personalised Happy Families card game

A fun card game for the whole family, that is Happy Families! Give your own personal touch to this well known classic card game. Personalise the deck of cards with 7 different photos and turn your family members or pets into a main character of these playing cards. Be the first one to collect the most sets and be victorious!

Download the game play rules here
  • Personalised card game with your photos
  • Quality finish
  • Fun for the whole family!
Create your Happy Families
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Endless hours of fun with Happy Families

Unleash the fun with your own personalised Happy Families game! Add photos of your family to the cards for endless laughs and hours of fun. Perfect for any occasion or at any event. Watch every family member become a main character. Personalise your deck of cards with inside jokes or pick out the goofiest photos. Start an unforgettable family game night and laugh and play like never before with your own Happy Families, because family is where the fun begins!

Happy Families’ game rules

Deal out all the cards so everyone's got an equal number. The person who dealt the cards starts by asking another player for a card they need to complete a family. If that player has that card, they've got to hand it over, no questions asked. You may continue asking for cards until you make a mistake. When a mistake is made the player who was asked for his card takes his turn to request cards.They can even snatch back the cards they lost in the previous round. Now, when someone finally collects a family, they have to put those four cards face down on the table in front of them. The player who collects the most sets is declared the ultimate champion! If you're just playing with one other player, there are some different rules: the dealer deals out 10 cards to each of you and places the rest face down. Usually, the starting player gets to call out a specific card they want. The player must already have one family card. If the other player does not have the card, the first player picks up the top card from the pack and it is then the second player's turn to ask.

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We know, personalised games and game cards are so much fun and even we can’t get enough. To sum up, you can order personalised Happy Families, Memo cards and regular playing cards. We even have Jigsaw puzzles you can fully customise! Check out all our card games at this overview page. Let’s go, game night!

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