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Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Put your picture together together on Valentine's Day

Celebrate Valentine's Day together with a personal puzzle you can both put together. Choose a nice picture of the two of you together, or maybe it could be a secret message for your partner to piece together.
  • Personalise with text and/or photo
  • Quality finish
  • Brings joy

Select number of pieces

(Puzzle 24 pieces)

Puzzle 24 pieces (hard cardboard)

14 10 0,2 cm

€ 16.95

Puzzle 30 pieces (MDF)

25 17,5 cm

€ 24.95

Puzzle 120 pieces (hard cardboard)

28 19,5 0,2 cm

€ 20.95

Puzzle 315 pieces (hard cardboard)

42 30 0,2 cm

€ 28.95

Puzzle 500 pieces (hard cardboard)

54 40 0,2 cm

€ 31.95

Puzzle 1000 pieces (hard cardboard)

68 44 0,2 cm

€ 39.95

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Valentine's Day for us

On February 14, celebrate the two of you with a Valentine's Gift you both can enjoy. Create a personalised gift with a photo of you or a quote that means something. Or how about the date of your anniversary? Celebrate love and your releationship with a perfect Valentine's gift for couples.

Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

A personalised photo jigsaw puzzle: the perfect gift

A photo jigsaw is a popular gift that is suitable for all occasions and ages. Your shared memories will be built piece-by-piece, making for a really special puzzle experience. Put the puzzle together with family and friends, or enjoy a relaxing moment alone with a cherished memory.

A 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of your favourite photo

Give them a jigsaw of their favorite photo for mammoth puzzling sessions! If you’re a puzzle lover, the 1000-piece puzzle is ideal for you and the whole family. Choose a photo (or several) from your holiday, a family celebration, or an important moment, and let us transform it into a unique jigsaw puzzle. Order now for yourself or your loved ones, and celebrate your memories!

Photo jigsaw for your kids - work on patience and problem solving while having fun

Give the kids a unique jigsaw puzzle for family time. Create a puzzle with 24 to 1000 pieces using a photo they have chosen and share a building, bonding experience. Your photo puzzle is not only fun, it’s educational and develops problem-solving skills, coordination, and patience. You can choose the number of pieces, so you can make personalised puzzles for children of all ages. Order now to create new memorable moments.

Need inspiration to choose the image for your custom jigsaw?

A world of possibilities is open to you. A good option is to choose a photo of an important moment; a family celebration; or a trip. You can immortalise any moment of joy you’ve shared with your loved ones. The photo can be arranged in a variety of ways thanks to our wide range of designs. You could also use drawings or paintings by the kids. You might even want to use an abstract image and create a custom puzzle for the more creative, or images of your favorite landscapes, sports, or hobbies. If you have pets, they can also be a good source of ideas for your photo puzzle. The important thing is to choose an image that evokes positive memories. With your personalised puzzle, you can transform memories into moments of sharing and togetherness.

Personalised photo puzzle to assemble as a couple

Share a moment of relaxation and togetherness with your other half. Assemble a personalised puzzle that symbolises your love together as a couple.

Photo jigsaw to announce an event

A personalised jigsaw is an original and unusual way to announce an event or some great news. Announcing your pregnancy, exam results, engagement, or any other event with a personalised puzzle will keep them in suspense, right up until the big reveal!

Create your own photo jigsaw puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle with your photo is great for keeping your memories alive, give as a gift to your child or to grandparents to puzzle together with their grandchildren! Did you know you can propose by asking your loved one to puzzle the question? Or use the jigsaw puzzle as an invition and make the guests put the pieces together to get the full wedding invitation, just be creative!

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