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Personalised toys with name or photo

Looking for fun gifts for children? Our personalised card games, stuffed animals and puzzles will definitely put a smile on their face, but toys are not the only gifts you can surprise kids with. We also offer various personalised materials for kids that will spark their creativity. Create a reward chart with our stickers, or buy matching aprons for you and your little kitchen chef. Crazy kitchen adventures are definitely included.
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Gifts to make kids happy!

Choose from creative and fun gadgets and toys that are perfect for kids of all ages and interests. Find a gift that’s both fun and useful. Give them a puzzle, card game, a cute stuffed animal, a personalised t-shirt with their name, or a sweater with their favourite animal! For children starting school, a pencil case to keep their pens safe, or a notebook to use in class.
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Cute and personalised presents for babies

Celebrate baby's birthday, christening, or naming with a personalised and cute gift. Choose something that’s both nice and useful, like a towel gift set or a new soft stuffed buddy that makes them feel warm and safe.
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Organising a children's party

When you throw a children's birthday party, you have to make sure the day is memorable, fun and relaxed but at the same time filled with children's activities. That sounds exhausting, but it doesn't have to be. We have all the party essentiels you need to celebrate your child's special day. Think of party decorations such as placemats, party flags and posters or cute party favours to fill a gift bag. Let your guests write a personal message for the birthday child in a Guest Book and keep the memory for years to come.
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Why gift a personalised story to a child?

There are many different reasons why a personalised book is beneficial for kids. For starters, it makes them feel loved and special when they are the main character of a story that they can relate to. It will become one of their favourite items and it will be something they treasure for years. Reading a story that relates to them by happening in their world, makes them more emotionally invested. They are more likely to remember the message or lesson the book contains. Being the hero of their own story is also good for their self-esteem as they see themselves doing things they never could imagined doing, what will eventually increase their creativity.

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